The Northern region of Malta contrasts with the Western and Southern Harbour regions of Malta when it comes to ship graffiti. Although still found sporadically in some locations such as the San Pawl Milqi church in Burmarrad, ship graffiti is not as abundant in this region. The sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieħa, despite being a site known for devotional activities, is lacking in ship graffiti, although rich in other examples of graffiti. Here, only two ship graffiti may be observed in the form of ship hulls.

The Mosta Rotunda, however, is able to display a relatively abundant repertoire of graffiti which also includes a few examples of ships. The Neoclassical Basilica dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady is famous not only for its large dome but also due to the event which occurred in 1942 when two enemy bombs crashed into the church dome during mass but did not explode.

A chapel dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle is situated within a valley known as Wied il-Qliegħa. This chapel features an amount of ship graffiti among other graffiti such as crosses, dates and palms of hands. A ship graffito measuring about 165cm long can be seen on the front wall of the chapel.

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