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The Malta Ship Graffiti Project owes its fruition to a number of people who are dedicated to promoting and safeguarding our heritage. Meet the team behind this initiative:

Prof Timmy Gambin

Timmy Gambin is an Associate Professor in Maritime Archaeology at the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta. He graduated in History from this University and went on to attain his Masters in Maritime Archaeology and History from the University of Bristol where he also got his doctorate in Maritime Archaeology. Prof Gambin has been involved in numerous collaborative research projects, and has also co-directed numerous offshore underwater surveys in various parts of the Mediterranean

Christian Dalton

Christian is a Maritime Archaeologist with a keen interest in the analysis and formation of historic graffiti. With a background in Physical Geography, he undertook a Masters in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Malta where he was introduced to historic graffiti research. He joined the Malta Ship Graffiti Project (MSGP), has discovered many previously unknown graffiti sites and created a methodology to record them. Since then, he has undertaken surveying projects on the wreck of RMS Lusitania and investigated almost a dozen shipwrecks on the UK Kent coastline. He has also presented his graffiti findings at several conferences including the “Making Your Mark Graffiti Symposium” at the University of Southampton and the University of Augsburg, and for the “Under the Mediterranean II Conference” in Malta. He also founded and leads his Maritime Archaeology consultancy, Wreckognition. He is currently a Marine Geophysicist at Wessex Archaeology.

Maja Sausmekat

Maja Sausmekat is an archaeologist and a graduate from the University of Malta, having obtained a Masters in Archaeological Practice. Maja joined the Underwater Cultural Heritage Unit of Heritage Malta in 2019 and is currently responsible for the day-to-day management of access to and promotion of Malta’s underwater cultural heritage sites.

Julia Zerafa

Julia is an archaeologist who is currently reading for a Master of Arts in Global Maritime Archaeology at the University of Malta. Her studies are allowing her to pursue her love for the sea whilst also safeguarding Maltese heritage. Julia’s research interests include Maltese traditional seacraft and maritime intangible heritage.


Many thanks to the supporters of the MSGP as well as predecessors of graffiti research in Malta, such as Joseph Muscat. Thanks to Mr Mion and others for collecting ship graffiti images and providing insight.

Joe Muscat

Joe Muscat was an expert in Maltese maritime history, having authored a number of publications on the subject. Il-Graffiti Marittimi Maltin (2002, Kullana Kulturali Vol. 36) is one of his publications which he dedicated solely to Maltese maritime graffiti. Muscat recorded a number of graffiti around the Maltese islands, which he preserved through photography and writing. His endeavours have been recognised as a priceless contribution towards the study of Maltese maritime history having been awarded the Medal for Service to the Republic.

The senior curator of the Malta Maritime Museum, Liam Gauci, shared some of his memories of the late Joe Muscat which can be listened to by following the link:

Discover the various graffiti.

Peppered across Malta and Gozo are hidden gems, inscribed in stone, explore the map to discover their locations, or view our galleries as we display our recordings.