The western region of Malta holds within it a rich repertoire of ship graffiti. The villages of Attard and Balzan, Żebbuġ, Birkirkara, Rabat and the ‘silent city’, Mdina seem to be focal points for graffiti.

The graffiti located in Rabat and Mdina may be enjoyed while also visiting other heritage sites. Such heritage sites are the Catacombs, St Paul’s Grotto and the Domus Romana in Rabat and the National Museum of Natural History, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Palazzo Falson in Mdina.

Żebbuġ offers a small collection of chapels and religious sites on which depictions of ship graffiti are exhibited. These chapels are known by name as the Ħal Muxi, Lunzjata and Marija tal-Abbandunati chapels. The parish church dedicated to Saint Philip is built in a Baroque architectural style and was built in the early 17th century. This church not only offers a beautiful example of religious architecture but also harbours its own depictions of graffiti on its walls.

The typically Maltese villages of Attard, Lija and Balzan possess a number of ship graffiti which are worth a visit. These graffiti are linked via roads that may be enjoyed by walking, paying attention to the typical Maltese houses and historic elements along the way. Attard used to previously house the old railway station, evidence of which may still be seen. The parish church in Attard, dedicated to Saint Mary, certainly delivers when searching for ship graffiti. A considerable number of ship depictions have been etched onto one side of the church. Some other examples of iconography may be viewed around the church. Lija and Balzan are adjoining villages within walking distance of each other. The Lija parish church and Balzan parish church have both been noted to host a selection of ship graffiti, among other images. The Adoration chapel in Balzan as well as a dedication to a priest, found in Sant Andrija street in Lija and Sant Andrija chapel, all display their own examples of ship graffiti.

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